Solution to Bumblebee Tune-a

Authors: Erin Rhode, Laura Martini, Kevin G. Der, and Roger Hanna Morash
All vocals and arrangements by Erin Rhode
Video editing by Laura Martini
Camera work by Roger Hanna Morash, Michael Pihulic, and Kathy Rhode

After identifying all of the pop songs being sung by bees, one notes a few things: each song is a single released between a different year from 1964 and 1973 inclusive, giving a nice ordering; there are a different number of "bees" singing each song; an enumeration is given which does not fit the song or the artist; and finally there are bees singing. The bees are singing because you are not looking for the song being sung -- you are looking for the B-side of that song. Conveniently, the B-side fits the given enumeration.

Ordering by year the single was released and indexing into the B-side of the single by the number of bees singing the song gives "I GET AROUND." I Get Around was an A-side single by The Beach Boys, whose B-side is the answer to the puzzle, DON'T WORRY BABY.

Year releasedSong and artist# of beesB-side
1964The Supremes/Baby Love8ASK ANY GIRL
1965Simon and Garfunkel/The Sounds of Silence5WE'VE GOT A GROOVEY THING GOIN'
1966The Mamas and the Papas/Monday Monday6GOT A FEELIN'
1967Jefferson Airplane/White Rabbit5PLASTIC FANTASTIC LOVER
1968Marvin Gaye/I Heard It Through The Grapevine8YOU'RE WHAT'S HAPPENING (IN THE WORLD TODAY)
1969Creedence Clearwater Revival/Proud Mary3BORN ON THE BAYOU
1970Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/Teach Your Children6CARRY ON
1971The Carpenters/Rainy Days and Mondays4SATURDAY
1972Sammy Davis, Jr./The Candy Man4I WANT TO BE HAPPY
1973Stevie Wonder/You Are The Sunshine Of My Life5TUESDAY HEARTBREAK