Eight of Diamonds: Building 4-4 Solution

Author: Jonny Surick

The clues reference specific exhibits located within Edgerton Alley, with enumerations given to help find the correct word. The answers to the clues are as follows:

Showcase # 2 (7,3): DANCING DOTS
University from which the football kicker hailed (4,5): OHIO STATE
Jacques's ship upon which the you can find the Doc working (7): CALYPSO
Method done by his student Vandiver (9) : SCHLIEREN
The monster our professor sought (4,4,7) : LOCH NESS MONSTER
Location where the Ping Pong game was played (6): ARMORY
Company founded by Doc's student Sam (7): BENTHOS

Reading down the first letters spells DOCSLAB? Doc Edgerton's lab was the STROBE LAB which gives the answer STROBE