Trochees, Etc. (Solution)

by Rob Speer; items by Shari Kuroyama and Sarah Fletcher

The comic is an alternate take on XKCD's "Trochee Fixation", and in the end the website it is referring to is Etsy.

If you search for some of the things mentioned in the comic, you should eventually come across something that is favorited by "Manic Sages Trochee Puzzle" or a similarly named account. Its profile page provides the puzzle instructions in trochaic tetrameter. In short, you need to navigate to other items with three trochaic words in common, and build a graph of the things you find that are favorited by any of these three accounts.

When you do this, you get two large components. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

The un-favorited item that joins the two components is a NIFTY METAL ROBOT NINJA, and the fact that it is 20 letters confirms that it is the improbable answer to this puzzle.