National Power Grid (Solution)

by Rob Speer

Each puzzle is associated with a U.S. city on the round page:
  • Kansas City: Too Many Seacrest
  • Atlanta: Permuted
  • Detroit: The Alphabet Book
  • Boise: My Socrates Note (event)
  • San Francisco: Infinite Cryptogram
  • St. Louis: Security Theater
  • Oklahoma City: Dear Abby
  • Chicago: Evolution
  • Birmingham: Around the World in 1 Day
  • Minneapolis: Trochees, Etc.
  • Memphis: Git Hub
  • Dallas: Eclectic Spatial Geometry
  • Houston: I Can See For Miles
  • New York: Till You Make It
  • Buffalo: Linked Pairs
  • Billings: My Cup Runneth Over

All these cities can be found on a Power Grid board. Connect them using the minimum possible cost (which matches the cost given in the puzzle text). Use the cost of each link as an index into the two answers it connects, and put these letters on the board:

In vaguely reading order, this gives DOOR INTO OFFICE OF DR BENOIT FORGET.