World of Color (Solution)

by Shira Helft with assistance from Catherine Sheard

Each group of clues describes something or someone from a Disney movie. The identities of these things/people are given below. For each answer, each letter in its name is represented by a square of the same color, but the letter-color correspondence is different for different answers. Each answer also has a distinct color in the movie.

Mulan (1998)

ObjectColorExtracted Letter
Yao in dragRedD
Emperor's ConsultBlueR
Ping's ArmorGreenGO
Shan Yu's EyesYellowN
The AncestorsBlueT
Beads of JadeGreenA
Lily PadGreenL

Toy Story (1995)

ObjectColorExtracted Letter
Baby Face's EyeBlueA
Toy SoldiersGreenI
Buzz's ShoePurpleE
Mr. Potato Head's NoseOrangeN
Hamm the PigRedA
Sid's ShirtBlackD

Aladdin (1992)

ObjectColorExtracted Letter
Striped BoxersBlueE
Genie CuffsYellowG
Beggar ChildrenBlueG
Magic LampYellowA
Forbidden RubyRedR
Royal VizierRedVE

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

ObjectColorExtracted Letter
Chip's NoseYellowC
Library BookBlueO
Beggar's RobesGreenG
LeFou's VestRedS
Beast's/Belle's BowBlueW
Gaston's GlovesYellowO
Magic MirrorGreenR
Enchanted RoseRedT
Feather DusterBlackH

The Rescuers (1973)

ObjectColorExtracted Letter
Glass BottleGreenO
Rescue Aid SocietyRedR
Evil Medusa's HairOrangeV
Brutus the AlligatorGreenLL
Evinrude's WingsGreenES
Bernard's BeretRedBE
Rufus's ScarfRedA
Luke's EyesRedK

Mary Poppins (1964)

ObjectColorExtracted Letter
Mary's UmbrellaBlackR
Banks' KiteGreenT
Bert's Striped SuitOrangeS
George's BoutonniereRedBR
Country RoadYellowO
Merry-Go-Round HorsePurpleO
Measuring TapeYellowM

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

ObjectColorExtracted Letter
Dormouse TeapotYellowD
History BookRedI
Queen of HeartsRedN
Pocket WatchYellowA
Mad Hatter's HatGreenH
Cheshire CatPurpleSE
Oyster BlanketsBlueY
Queen's Croquet MalletYellowE

For each answer, extract the letter(s) associated with the color of that object in the movie. This spells out a new clue for an object in the movie. The objects, in order, are:

  • Dragon Tail (Red)
  • Alien Head (Green)
  • Beggar Vest (Purple)
  • Cogsworth (Yellow)
  • Orville's Beak (Orange)
  • Bert's Broom (Black)
  • Dinah's Eyes (Blue)

Reading the letters associated with the colors of these objects in their respective sets spells out the final answer: DISCOVERY.