A Strange Puzzle (Solution)

by Matt Granoff

The 40 clips songs that can all be found in various Weird Al Polkas, sorted alphabetically. There are exactly 4 clips per polka. After identification, sort them chronologically by polka, then by track number. They are listed below:

Polka Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Clip 4
ClipSong titleTrack # ClipSong titleTrack # ClipSong titleTrack # ClipSong titleTrack #
(1984) Polkas on 45 21LA Woman5 19Hey Joe7 5Bubbles in the Wine10 30Should I Stay or Should I Go12
(1985) Hooked on Polkas 40What's Love Got to Do With It?4 25Owner of a Lonely Heart6 38We're Not Gonna Take It7 16Footloose9
(1986) Polka Party! 27Say You, Say Me4 39What You Need6 18Harlem Shuffle7 24Nasty9
(1989) Hot Rocks Polka 4Brown Sugar2 20Honky Tonk Women4 33Sympathy for the Devil8 29Shattered10
(1992) Polka Your Eyes Out 36Unbelievable7 13Enter Sandman9 22Miss You Much12 11Dr. Feelgood14
(1996) Alternative Polka 28Sex Type Thing2 7Closer4 2Bang and Blame5 6Bullet with Butterfly Wings7
(1999) Polka Power! 17Ghetto Superstar3 37Walkin' on the Sun5 35Tubthumping7 26Push9
(2003) Angry White Boy Polka 15Fell in Love with a Girl5 10Down with the Sickness7 23My Way9 3Bawitdaba11
(2005) Polkarama 14Feel Good, Inc.8 32Somebody Told Me10 31Slither11 12Drop It Like It's Hot13
(2011) Polka Face 8Day n' Night5 1Baby7 9Down13 34Tik Tok15

For each polka, the first two songs flank another song, and the second two songs flank another song. These songs are identified below:

Polka Song 1 Song 2
Song titleTrack # Song titleTrack #
(1984) Polkas on 45 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida6 Every Breath You Take11
(1985) Hooked on Polkas Method of Modern Love5 Ninety-nine Luftballons8
(1986) Polka Party! Freeway of Love5 Venus8
(1989) Hot Rocks Polka You Can't Always Get What You Want3 Get off of My Cloud9
(1992) Polka Your Eyes Out Do Me!8 I Touch Myself13
(1996) Alternative Polka All I Wanna Do3 You Oughta Know6
(1999) Polka Power! Everybody4 Ray of Light8
(2003) Angry White Boy Polka Last Nite6 Outside10
(2005) Polkarama Don't Cha9 Candy Shop12
(2011) Polka Face Need You Now6 Break Your Heart14

There are two images corresponding to each polka:

PartyEyesAngry White BoyHookedPower
Angry White BoyRamaHot RocksEyesAlternative
HookedRama45FaceHot Rocks

Sort the songs according to the images to get:

  • Freeway of Love
  • I Touch Myself
  • Last Nite
  • Method of Modern Love
  • Everybody
  • Venus
  • Every Breath You Take
  • Ray of Light
  • You Oughta Know
  • Break Your Heart
  • Outside
  • Don't Cha
  • You Can't Always Get What You Want
  • Do Me!
  • All I Wanna Do
  • Ninety-Nine Luftballons
  • Candy Shop
  • In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
  • Need You Now
  • Get off of My Cloud

Read the acrostic to get FILM EVERYBODY DANCING. Teams who did so and sent the film to HQ received the answer GLEEMEN.