World 1 Warp Zone
Mario says:

"There's some sort of warp here; that must be how they left! I'm not much good at figuring out where to go on my own, but Toad tells me that what's on the other side is 'isomorphic to MIT's campus, but only locally so.' I hope that means something to you!

"I'll probably be able to get through this myself eventually, but it will go a lot faster with your help. Tell you what, I bet there are lots of warps ahead. I'll go through them, and tell you if Peach left me any instructions, but you're going to have to follow the instructions, and tell me where you end up so I know where to go to find the next warp. I'll send you pictures of the warps so you can figure out what to do on your end.

"It's a little exhausting running around here, so if you tell me to go to the wrong place, it'll be a minute before I can check on anything else for you.

"Metaphysical Fungus tells me that you may find a smartphone very convenient to help me through this warp zone. They also say that if you encounter a locked door, an MIT ID (even an alum ID) should suffice to open it. If you don't have one of these, it will be possible for you to find your own warp to the other side of the door.

"Lets go! The first warp looks like this:"

There's a note here, it says:

  1. Turn around and walk down the hallway to a set of stairs, then go up one level.
  2. Note the ninth character on the gray sign, and go left from the sign towards a large urn.
  3. Turn right, and get on a moving platform.
  4. Press the button labeled with the character you noted.
  5. Get off the platform, and walk until you can face every building at MIT.
  6. Go in the direction suggested by the number 17, and follow the exit sign.
  7. Pass through a set of doors, and cross the street.
  8. Enter the building directly in front of you through two sets of double doors.
  9. Look for "Heat Detector V/M #010", and note its zone. Also note the colors of the panel where you find it.
  10. Continue down the hall, until you see a pipe with colors matching the ones you noted.
  11. Follow the pipe, going straight across any crosses, until it turns white.
  12. Find the pipe indicated by the heat detector zone, and follow it in the direction of the arrows.
  13. When the pipe comes to a T junction, take the branch that reaches another T in the shortest distance.

What equipment number does the pipe lead to?