Carbon Nanotubules


Each down clue contains a misprint in the definition part; their answers are to be entered jumbled. In clue order, the correct letters spell part of a quotation, the continuation of which should help to extract a second quotation from the across answers (with some minor variations in the overall approach). This constitutes the beginning of a line of poetry; two words complete the line. Call in the second of these two words. The Chambers Dictionary (2008) is the primary reference, but does not give the form at 47 Across.

Across   Down
1 Final moment following note and before silence. (6)
7 God backing prince nonetheless. (6)
13 Stand a round after pressure to enter offer. (5)
18 Small window of time prior to redemption. (7)
19 Dash together cabbage, including top. (7)
20 Endless conflict in past. (3)
21 Skilful boxing: half of that's to wear down gradually.(6)
22 Century of work in store. (4)
23 Poetically, sigh rises up grotesquely. (7)
24 Prohibit anything which is not grass in semicircle. (6)
25 Lay about depressions before winds in Hudson's domain? (11)
27 Purchase grain for the ears, like rye grass, for example? (8)
30 Badly built on account of being packed in chalky earth exposed at front and back. (9)
32 Glided in with difficulty, day after extreme point in orbit. (8)
36 Hate to see a brother embracing prostitute. (5)
39 Reversing trend, make cuts. (4)
41 Gaunt bear in evergreen starts to eat and drink. (10)
44 Record couched in plain language and put out in front. (7)
45 Nation and allies almost renegotiated position in a row. (11)
46 Crocus chopped up for CARE packages, perhaps? (6)
47 Fruit to be eaten (as per doctor's orders) before a meal of fish. (7)
48 I'm in charge to penetrate forest long ago. (6)
49 Return of property, essentially. (4)
1 Deposit from lame running faucet lacking safety marking. (4)
2 Regular beau (or babe). (5)
3 Bend, as one does with rope, to interfere with bit of lanyard. (4)
4 Company bath in robe a novelty. (5)
5 Sieger with posts ranged about princess. (9)
6 Stud heading for Europe to live without passion. (4)
7 New device: ends of bow came untied. (6)
8 Lesbian post's language shocked Leo, I see. (5)
9 Eery loss of hair: not in the middle. (5)
10 Historic stats research centre returned about fly. (6)
11 Everything one possessed at one time following women's likings. (5)
12 Milton's case inside of US illiteracy. (5)
13 Cry about introduction to departing American with time cut short, one who goes Stateside? (9)
14 Soft food, English, in kitchen utensil produces edible substance from tref. (9)
15 Professing relief one is included in Harrisburg area. (3)
16 Massage received, your ego regularly holds back. (5)
17 Five portions to suffice, reaching limits for some. (4)
26 Lester was one most excellent head of developing international company. (6)
27 Egyptian soul taking incomplete spiritual journey with one religion from Iraq. (5)
28 Daggles three characters from Lost about edges of littoral. (5)
29 Tangled wires, they get stuck into rovers. (5)
31 Passage from Diderot edition that's coined. (5)
33 The head resister. (4)
34 Net professional socially backward at heart. (4)
35 Security finally called back pair. (4)
36 Rounded mother that is big on the side. (4)
37 It measures what you wear, subject to pursuing a measure of tartness. (4)
38 Supremos lead government to escape before deductions. (4)
40 Graceful motions lacking finish; Marat might have witnessed dance involving these. (4)
42 Rope appears to entail plait. (3)
43 Rude oath, out of favour following first of blunders. (3)