Wonder of the World

Interstellar Spaceship

Thank you Mario, but our princess has left the planet...

However, she mailed a postcard before she left:

I'm so glad I chose to marry such a dedicated man! I'm sure you'll overcome whatever challenges these villains put in your path and rescue me! What a stroke of luck to have invited all of those puzzle-solvers to our wedding, as well!

Now that you're settled in as the leader of the French civilization, I think you can find everything you need to know to get this world's star piece by looking back on the wonders you have built.

Unfortunately, Stalin seems to have beaten you in the race to develop the seventh Wonder—the Interstellar Spaceship. He says he's going to use it to send me away to someplace you can't reach me. I know you're resourceful, though, and will find some way to follow me there!

...and predictably enough, Stalin's decided you're too close, so we're headed to the launchpad!

You also notice a strange warp: