One Day at a Time

by Nathan Fung



Each entry in the schedule corresponds to a picture from the A Day in the Life project.

00:16:19Peeking into my room in MacGregor
01:04:20On the steps outside Lobby 7
08:10:15In the Park St. T station
11:12:18At Harvard Square
12:05:25In the basement of building 3
14:10:20Looking at the covered Great Dome. It's been covered since the summer.
14:41:05Crossing the road outside Lobby 7. Lucky people carrying art from the Student Loan Art Program going by.
15:12:12Outside La Cinémathèque Française
19:24:12Outside Kresge
19:44:05At the Harvard Coop
20:28:18In front of Island Hopper. There are a bunch of people on the street.
21:16:19Looking outside at the Media Lab Extension. It's supposed to open next month, but I think it won't be open for at least another month beyond that.

Reading the seconds of the timestamps of the corresponding pictures gives the answer STORYTELLERS alphanumerically.