by Nathan Fung



Each portrait is located on campus in an accessible location and is accompanied by a sign describing that person. The letters on top of each painting correspond to some of the letters on that sign so that the paper can be held up against the sign with those letters covering the corresponding letters on the sign. For each sign, the question mark covers one of the letters in the name line.

Irving M. London M.D.E25 1st floor
Bernard Emerson Proctor (1901-1959)16 6th floor
John Ripley Freeman '765 2nd floor
John Thompson Dorrance (1873-1930)16 3rd floor
David H. Koch (SB '62, SM '63)66 1st floor
Ellen Swallow Richards4 1st floor
Andre Dehon Little '8566 3rd floor
George R. Harrison6 basement
William Thompson Sedgwick (1855-1921)16 7th floor
Horace Sayford FordE18 1st floor

In order, these letters spell out the answer IMMOBILITY.