by Joseph DeVincentis and Craig Kasper



The diagramless puzzle has 180-degree rotational symmetry, but the directions Turnwise, Widdershins, Hubward, and Rimward indicate the use of the polar coordinate system used on the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.

Some words are to be entered backwards from others nearby though as is conventional, the clue numbers go in the box with each word's first letter. Clues are numbered from ring to ring, with each row's numbers starting on a consistent but arbitrary radius.

Near the hub, there is an entire ring not clued. This spells BANKING IS HIGH BLANK which clues the answer FINANCE.

There is also a sort of anti-symmetry to the directions of words in the grid; each turnwise word's counterpart is widdershins and each hubward word's symmetric counterpart is rimward, except the hubward words which pass through the hub which are their own counterparts.

Additionally, all proper nouns and a few other words are clued in ways that are plausible for the Discworld.