Conquering the World

Nathan Fung, with grid by Craig Kasper and images by Mark Halpin



Each card represents a Risk territory with half of a clue on it that when paired with another territory forms a whole clue.

Sports / TV personality JimROME
Jane Eyre or / Harry PotterORPHAN
One who is politically / extremistULTRA
Desert / Storm localeKUWAIT
Shakespearean / schemerIAGO
Changed / shapeMORPHED
Puny / puppyRUNT
Nets / forward HaskellTRENTON
Helen Keller's / first wordWATER
"Agrippina" / composerHANDEL
Springsteen's / Oscar-winning moviePHILADELPHIA
Runner's / assignmentLANE
Will Smith / title roleALI
Make / hasteHIE
It may be / left of centerEPI
Bibliophile's / activityPERUSAL
Creatures of / Hebrew folkloreGOLEMS
Nancy Drew's / dogTOGO
Early Christian / metal bandJERUSALEM
Pint in / a pubALE
Family / card gameUNO

The answers to these clues can be entered onto a Risk board, one letter per territory, spelling each answer from the first territory to the second through adjacent neighbours. The completed board is shown below.

Hover on letters to reveal relevant clues and answers

On each continent, there is one clue answer that uses every letter in the continent. These clue answers are all names of places. Putting these names in the order by how the extra army chart on most boards orders the continents (an order echoed in the arrangement of the clues, which were blocked by continent) and indexing into their names using the number of extra armies you earn by owning that continent spells the answer SOWETO.

ContinentAnswerExtra armiesLetter
North AmericaJERUSALEM5S
South AmericaTOGO2O