1710 Meta

by Mark Halpin



The answers from this round are:

2. Bulls and CowsAPHTHOUS FEVER
3. Cryptographic Clue CleavingSECTIONAL SOFA
4. Don't Let Me DownHERNIATED DISC
5. Exotic TacticsIRREVERENTIAL

As each puzzle is solved, bridge hands are revealed as below:

As hinted by the flavor text ("Bridge problems and acrostics"), the answers form an acrostic of HASHI, a commonly used short name for Hashiwokakero, a puzzle involving bridge-building whose name literally means "build bridges."

All the black cards of the card hands are in the range ace through 6, out of order, while the red cards are all face cards that appear in the same sequential order in each hand. The red cards can be ignored, while the black ones form a Hashi puzzle:

The solution to the Hashi puzzle is:

The 13-letter long answers can be be overlaid on the Hashi puzzle. Reading the letters on islands connected by double-bridges, in sequence, gives the solution phrase TECH SCHOOL DIVERTS RIVER.

Upon completing this meta, the following link to supplementary information is revealed on the index page: