Requirements for UPGAFS Qualifications

In order for space ships to receive official qualification under the United Planetary Galactic Allied Federation Society's rather stringent rules, attendees must observe several rules. Specifically, all spaceships must conform to the following standards:

In addition, we will be inviting all spaceships to participate in spaceship challenges at a date and time to be specified. While your ship does not need to participate in every challenge, you should make sure your spaceship can do at least two of the following:

Looking forward to seeing your ships at ZyzzlCon!

  • [1] By "remotely", we mean: you may not step into a 9' square. Whatever propulsion device you choose to install on your ship is up to you; our testing facilities do not discriminate against nontraditional propulsion methods. [7]
  • [2] By "things", we mean: small lightweight objects in the neighborhood of 2 inches in height.
  • [3] By "hook", we mean: a SSOPUT (Some Sort Of Picker-Upper-Thingy) that can descend and retract about 2 feet. [8]
  • [4] By "overhead", we mean: a choice of "directly overhead at about 15 inches" or "on the wall at about 11 inches, which is still overhead because our ship designer has adhered to the maximum dimensional guidelines as noted above".
  • [5] By "button" we mean: an object that, when impacted with the force that an average 9-inch spaceship is expected to be able to generate, will Do Something. [9]
  • [6] By "remotely", we mean: your hands may not directly touch your ship or the buttons. The second point is moot, because your hands will not be able to reach the buttons, anyway. [9]
  • [7] Should you find it necessary at any point in the testing process, your ship's mechanics will be allowed to perform field modifications. [9]
  • [8] We do not expect your ships to be equipped with the most expensive, state-of-the-art equipment. All tasks can be performed by ships constructed with standard, readily-available parts. You may choose to be more creative at your discretion, with the understanding that your efforts will only gain you a slight edge, but will most certainly Make Your Ship Look Badass. [9]
  • [9] My, this is all terribly vague and anticipation-building, isn't it? Why, yes, yes it is! Exciting full details will only be revealed to attendees of ZyzzlCon 3009!