1. Dial M For Murder, in which a cheating wife runs (5) of her murderous husband, was a premier example of this type of film.
  2. Atomeka Press published this British comics anthology, which began with (4 5)'s The Bojeffries Saga.
  3. D.C. hosted the April 11, 2008 meeting of this group, which includes Henry Paulson and (8) Darling.
  4. During the 1990s, (9), an unpopular pizza topping, were removed from this steak sauce.
  5. Addison's (6), a rather “pernicious” condition, can result from a deficiency of this.
  6. Due to the difficulty of (6), this elevation is sometimes referred to as the Savage Mountain.
  7. Anna David cohosts "In Your Pants", a sex advice segment on this network's (6) of the Show!
  8. Airports were worth only five points if you dropped a (4) on them in a 1982 Intellivision game named for this aircraft.
  9. Denizens of Canarsie in Brooklyn can reach Crown Heights by riding this (3) line.
  10. Actor Gregory Peck turned down the role of a (9) who headed up this team of crimefighters; crimefighters who were headquartered in a royal palace.
  11. Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner play (8) guitars and shared vocals for this decidedly unsquare band.
  12. Detroit MCs Bizarre, Eye-Kyu, Killa Hawk, Fuzz Scoota, Proof and (6) formed this rap collective in 1996.
  13. Duramax is an example of this; such (7) have been in production since the early 1900s and are commonly used in large vehicles.
  14. Drivers of the last heavy tank in the Iosef Stalin line (renamed this after his death) displayed their ranks on shoulder boards, the Soviet equivalent of (8).
  15. Don't hurt yourself trying to reach this note, five octaves above middle C, that only Guinness Book of World Records record-holder Georgia Brown can hit (not (4) Mariah Carey can hit it).
  16. Adams, in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, says that this "is not a fixed velocity, but it is clearly far too (4)."
  17. An ancient Egyptian royal barge was used to verify (7) obtained by this method of dating.
  18. Abbreviated to refer to the (6) it covers, this describes the pre-collegiate educational system in Australia and the US.
  19. David Secher might enlist your (9), if she lives between Liverpool and Newcastle, to participate in this group’s studies into ageing and health.
  20. Air Tindi (literally, "(5) Slave Lake") has this IATA code.
  21. Also known as a "silver rectangle", this paper's size is intended to maintain the aspect ratio after cutting a larger rectangle in (4).
  22. All-weather and carrier-capable, the aircraft called The (6) was first designated as this.
  23. Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to stop a killer robot that can mimic people and (7) other substances in this 1991 sequel.
  24. Acting against HIV-1, enfuvirtide, initially designated as this, can assist the human (6) system.
  25. After appearing as Michael Dooley's partner in this film, the actor who played (5 3) was shot and killed in the line of duty.
  26. Almost all of this roleplaying game system was released in 2000 by Wizards of the Coast under the Open Game (7).
  27. David (6) and Charles Bronson played test pilots in this film, Richard Donner's directorial debut.
  28. Assassin Thomas Johnson, one of three (3) charged with an infamous 1965 murder, had this unusual nickname.
  29. David Evans, better known for his "sharp" (7) or nickname, is a member of this musical group.
  30. Army soldiers since the 1960s have been trained in the use of this primary infantry rifle, currently in use among fifteen (4) countries.
  31. Arcane, Khyber and this character are all (7) swaps of Blade in the videogame Street Fighter: The Movie.
  32. Dedicated to Sonny Bono is the (4 7) stretch of this major California highway.
  33. Art Fry helped create (4-3), one of this company's most popular products.
  34. Displayed in the Blue Wing at the Boston Museum of Science, this life-sized (4) is the same type of ship "piloted" by Jake Lloyd in a 1999 film.
  35. As this chlorofluorocarbon has the highest ozone depletion potential of any compound of its type, no air conditioner (9) in his right mind would use it today.
  36. Despite the apparent oxymoron, Hawaii is home to this interstate highway, which connects to (5) 93.
  37. Annex IV of EU Directive 67/548/EEC includes this (4) regarding dangerous substances, which advises "Keep away from food, drink, and animal feedingstuffs."
  38. Duo Trio (the musical alter egos of Vasko, Bubo, and Branko) perform songs while the actors perform (5) in this long-running Macedonian comedy series.
  39. Declining in magnitude after 1926, this comet, also known as Comet Finlay, is a periodic comet in our (5)... [see #45]
  40. Astronomer John Bevis first observed this outer (5) object in 1731, although it was the Earl of Rosse who gave it its crustacean name.
  41. Amazon introduced this website to provide more (8) search engines (allowing users to "look inside the book," for example).
  42. Developed by Brown & Williamson for its high nicotine content, this (6) of tobacco was used by the FDA as evidence that tobacco companies were intentionally manipulating nicotine levels.
  43. During an appearance on Sesame (6), this character fell in love with a fire hydrant.
  44. Accidental leaks in the reactor coolant system led to the deaths of many crew members of this (9), nicknamed Hiroshima (not Widowmaker).
  45. ...(6), and it was mistaken for de Vico's comet in 1886.
  46. Depending on your employment status, you may receive this form or a 1099, necessary for filing (5).
  47. Designated by FIFA, this term applies to a (4) on which all players are 16 or younger.
  48. Dystopia, psychotropia, and nihilism are (6) in the works of this painter and co-founder of Flipside.
  49. Dishwalla appeared as (10) playing at this fictional nightclub on the TV series Charmed.
  50. Author Stephen King wrote about this killer (5) in a short story published not long before his masterpiece The Stand.
  51. Air Force officials cancelled this warhead variant (which emits (1-3) and gamma radiation when detonated) that would have been attached to a missile named for a fictional Lewis Carroll monster.

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