General information

Name Metaphysical Plant
or just "MPlant"
Captain Erin Conwell
Team email
Phones 2-1815

Solving information

Events Completed


Red is solved; grey is unlocked; empty white box is locked. Click on a puzzle for more information.

Round Metas
1 s s s s s s s s s s u l s s s s s s u l
2 u s s s s s
3 u s s s s u
4 s u s u s s
5 s s s s s u
6 s u u s s s
7 s s s s s u
8 s s s s u s
9 u s s s s s
10 s s s s s s s s s s s s
11 s u s u s u u s u s u u
12 s s s s u s u s u s s u
13 s s
14 s s s u u s s s u s
15 u s u u u s s u u u
16 u s u u u s u u s u u u s u
17 l l l
18 l


Black lines indicate where new rounds were unlocked

Puzzles over time


Friday, 12:27: Unlocked Freebie
Friday, 12:27: Solved Freebie
Friday, 12:27: Unlocked Odd One Out
Friday, 12:27: Unlocked Police Lineup
Friday, 12:27: Unlocked Special Ops
Friday, 12:27: Unlocked Let's Ask The Dead Guy
Friday, 12:27: Unlocked Do You Know Where Your Needles Are?
Friday, 12:28: Unlocked Dream On
Friday, 12:28: Unlocked The More The Merrier
Friday, 12:28: Unlocked Little Rascals
Friday, 12:28: Solved Abigail Freebie / W1
Friday, 12:28: Completed Abigail Freebie
Friday, 14:04: Solved Little Rascals
Friday, 14:04: Unlocked Monopoles
Friday, 14:04: Unlocked Cluesome
Friday, 14:16: Solved Do You Know Where Your Needles Are?
Friday, 14:47: Solved Cluesome
Friday, 14:47: Unlocked Facebook
Friday, 14:47: Unlocked Mystery Rallye
Friday, 14:59: Solved The More The Merrier
Friday, 14:59: Unlocked The Deadly Hobby Of Murder
Friday, 14:59: Unlocked This Puzzle Needs A Title
Friday, 15:20: Solved Special Ops
Friday, 15:20: Unlocked Memo From Agent C
Friday, 15:20: Unlocked No Strings Attached
Friday, 15:20: Unlocked World Of Comics
Friday, 16:02: Unlocked X-2
Friday, 16:02: Unlocked Hearing Voices
Friday, 16:02: Unlocked Kana Game
Friday, 16:51: Solved Kana Game
Friday, 16:54: Solved World Of Comics
Friday, 17:59: Unlocked Sphere
Friday, 17:59: Unlocked Nationwide Hunt
Friday, 17:59: Unlocked Roleplaying Game
Friday, 17:59: Unlocked Treasure Map
Friday, 17:59: Unlocked Sharp Turns
Friday, 17:59: Unlocked Knots and Crosswords
Friday, 18:02: Solved The Deadly Hobby Of Murder
Friday, 18:02: Unlocked All Geared Up
Friday, 18:38: Solved This Puzzle Needs A Title
Friday, 18:38: Unlocked Eight Not-So-Deadly Sins
Friday, 18:59: Solved Treasure Map
Friday, 19:22: Solved Hearing Voices
Friday, 19:34: Solved Police Lineup
Friday, 19:44: Solved X-2
Friday, 19:53: Solved Dream On
Friday, 20:02: Unlocked Guilty Pleasures
Friday, 20:02: Unlocked Cursed
Friday, 20:02: Unlocked Hold Your Tongue
Friday, 20:02: Unlocked Input/Output
Friday, 20:02: Unlocked Race Around The Block
Friday, 20:02: Unlocked The Cult Of Helios
Friday, 20:23: Solved Nationwide Hunt
Friday, 20:35: Solved Hold Your Tongue
Friday, 21:06: Solved All Geared Up
Friday, 21:59: Unlocked Common Thread
Friday, 21:59: Unlocked Bad Beat Jackpot
Friday, 21:59: Unlocked Propaganda
Friday, 21:59: Unlocked Spectral Analysis
Friday, 21:59: Unlocked European Cruise
Friday, 21:59: Unlocked Character Witness
Friday, 23:27: Solved The Cult Of Helios
Friday, 23:50: Solved Race Around The Block
Friday, 23:55: Solved Common Thread
Saturday, 00:14: Solved Guilty Pleasures
Saturday, 00:15: Solved Propaganda
Saturday, 01:38: Solved Eight Not-So-Deadly Sins
Saturday, 02:03: Unlocked What Incarnation Of Palindrome Are You?
Saturday, 02:03: Unlocked Family Affair
Saturday, 02:03: Unlocked Global Coolness
Saturday, 02:03: Unlocked Suds
Saturday, 02:03: Unlocked In Other Words
Saturday, 02:03: Unlocked Checkout Lines
Saturday, 03:31: Solved What Incarnation Of Palindrome Are You?
Saturday, 03:36: Solved Roleplaying Game
Saturday, 04:11: Solved European Cruise
Saturday, 06:02: Unlocked Cross-Examination
Saturday, 06:02: Unlocked Image Search
Saturday, 06:02: Unlocked Twisty Little Passages
Saturday, 06:02: Unlocked Chimera
Saturday, 06:02: Unlocked At The Crossroads
Saturday, 06:02: Unlocked Manual Transmission
Saturday, 06:49: Solved Cross-Examination
Saturday, 08:00: Unlocked Wiseguys
Saturday, 08:00: Unlocked Rotating Slider
Saturday, 08:00: Unlocked The Blue Carr Bungle
Saturday, 08:00: Unlocked Escapism
Saturday, 08:00: Unlocked Frontal Lobotomy
Saturday, 08:00: Unlocked Ecolocation
Saturday, 08:10: Solved Chimera
Saturday, 09:08: Solved At The Crossroads
Saturday, 09:16: Solved Image Search
Saturday, 09:21: Solved Twisty Little Passages
Saturday, 10:07: Solved Rotating Slider
Saturday, 11:01: Solved Wiseguys
Saturday, 11:50: Solved Escapism
Saturday, 11:50: Unlocked Talk To Me
Saturday, 11:50: Unlocked Trouble In Triplicate
Saturday, 11:50: Unlocked Picture Puzzle
Saturday, 11:59: Unlocked War Game
Saturday, 11:59: Unlocked God's Gift Cartooning
Saturday, 11:59: Unlocked Elmo's First Wife
Saturday, 13:12: Solved In Other Words
Saturday, 14:34: Solved Picture Puzzle
Saturday, 15:52: Solved Elmo's First Wife
Saturday, 16:25: Solved Checkout Lines
Saturday, 16:31: Solved Trouble In Triplicate
Saturday, 17:00: Unlocked World's Tallest Cryptic
Saturday, 17:00: Unlocked The Last Of Sheila
Saturday, 17:00: Unlocked That'll Tichu To Mess With Us
Saturday, 18:23: Solved Spectral Analysis
Saturday, 18:50: Solved Facebook
Saturday, 18:55: Solved Samantha Oriflamme / D1
Saturday, 18:57: Solved Mystery Rallye
Saturday, 18:58: Unlocked Animal Lover
Saturday, 18:58: Unlocked Case Study
Saturday, 18:58: Unlocked Muppet Theater
Saturday, 19:00: Solved Monopoles
Saturday, 19:12: Solved Al Hamilton / W5
Saturday, 20:05: Solved Nash Deervetch / W2
Saturday, 20:11: Solved Case Study
Saturday, 20:11: Unlocked Functions
Saturday, 20:11: Unlocked Remember This?
Saturday, 20:14: Unlocked Instant Replay
Saturday, 20:14: Completed Salt Al's Street
Saturday, 21:04: Solved The Blue Carr Bungle
Saturday, 21:17: Solved Muppet Theater
Saturday, 21:17: Unlocked The Goodwin Manuscript
Saturday, 21:17: Unlocked Tragedy
Saturday, 21:46: Solved That'll Tichu To Mess With Us
Saturday, 21:46: Unlocked Advisory Boards
Saturday, 21:46: Unlocked The Mystery of the Traditional Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, 22:15: Solved Jeff R Tyvel / W6
Saturday, 22:31: Unlocked Our Unfortunate Aunt Edith
Saturday, 22:31: Unlocked Subservient Chicken
Saturday, 22:31: Unlocked Pie In The Sky
Saturday, 22:31: Completed Vote For J R
Saturday, 22:40: Solved War Game
Saturday, 23:14: Solved Instant Replay
Saturday, 23:15: Solved Ecolocation
Saturday, 23:23: Solved God's Gift Cartooning
Saturday, 23:28: Solved World's Tallest Cryptic
Saturday, 23:28: Unlocked Picture Store
Saturday, 23:28: Unlocked Palimpsest
Saturday, 23:31: Solved Functions
Saturday, 23:31: Unlocked In Soviet Union, Death Defies You
Saturday, 23:31: Unlocked Alien Species
Saturday, 23:40: Unlocked Museum
Saturday, 23:40: Unlocked At The Canyon
Saturday, 23:40: Unlocked At Sea
Saturday, 23:40: Completed Bankrupt Nash
Sunday, 00:02: Unlocked Notes English
Sunday, 00:02: Unlocked No Police Record
Sunday, 00:02: Unlocked Let Me Tell You A Story
Sunday, 00:02: Unlocked These Ain't No Underpants Gnomes
Sunday, 00:05: Solved Pie In The Sky
Sunday, 00:05: Unlocked The Dungeon
Sunday, 00:05: Unlocked Hack Writer
Sunday, 00:17: Solved Subservient Chicken
Sunday, 00:17: Unlocked Method To The Madness
Sunday, 00:17: Unlocked Special Delivery
Sunday, 00:40: Solved In Soviet Union, Death Defies You
Sunday, 00:40: Unlocked What A Mystery Is Art
Sunday, 01:10: Solved Our Unfortunate Aunt Edith
Sunday, 01:10: Unlocked Breaking Away
Sunday, 01:43: Solved Method To The Madness
Sunday, 01:43: Unlocked Magnetic Poetry
Sunday, 02:01: Unlocked Write-Offs
Sunday, 02:59: Unlocked Confession
Sunday, 02:59: Unlocked Radio Waves
Sunday, 02:59: Unlocked Son Of The Realm Of Unspeakable Chaos
Sunday, 03:29: Solved No Strings Attached
Sunday, 04:46: Solved Special Delivery
Sunday, 04:52: Solved Breaking Away
Sunday, 05:54: Solved Animal Lover
Sunday, 05:58: Unlocked Department Store
Sunday, 05:58: Unlocked Train Station
Sunday, 05:58: Unlocked At The Beach
Sunday, 05:58: Unlocked Safari Park
Sunday, 05:58: Unlocked Ski Slopes
Sunday, 05:58: Unlocked Campsite
Sunday, 07:12: Unlocked Give Me An M
Sunday, 07:12: Unlocked Big Musical Number
Sunday, 07:12: Unlocked Six Easy Pieces
Sunday, 07:12: Unlocked A Mind-flexing Exercise
Sunday, 07:12: Unlocked East Meets West
Sunday, 07:12: Unlocked Giant Game
Sunday, 07:12: Unlocked X Marks The Spot
Sunday, 07:12: Unlocked Bottom Line
Sunday, 07:12: Unlocked Frame Of Reference
Sunday, 07:12: Unlocked Quartermaster
Sunday, 07:16: Solved Elihu Leather / D5
Sunday, 12:24: Solved The Goodwin Manuscript
Sunday, 12:34: Solved At The Beach
Sunday, 12:39: Solved Six Easy Pieces
Sunday, 12:48: Solved Let's Ask The Dead Guy
Sunday, 13:06: Solved Notes English
Sunday, 13:22: Solved The Mystery of the Traditional Scavenger Hunt
Sunday, 13:28: Solved Suds
Sunday, 13:40: Solved Let Me Tell You A Story
Sunday, 13:44: Solved Odd One Out
Sunday, 14:09: Solved Giant Game
Sunday, 15:12: Solved What A Mystery Is Art
Sunday, 16:30: Solved Write-Offs
Sunday, 17:00: Solved Radio Waves
Sunday, 17:12: Solved Sharp Turns
Sunday, 17:21: Solved Bad Beat Jackpot
Sunday, 17:28: Solved Safari Park
Sunday, 17:28: Solved At The Canyon
Sunday, 17:32: Solved Peter Knight / W4
Sunday, 17:34: Solved Jan Plumb / D4
Sunday, 18:58: Solved Quartermaster
Sunday, 19:13: Completed Get Peter A Larger Pad