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by Jenny Gutbezahl

First identify the location, the brand of beer, and the number of people in each picture. Index into the name of the beer by the number of people.

Location Beer No of people Letter clued
Building 8 Downstairs Dogfish Head 3 G
Building 24 next to room Flying Dog 2 L
Building 7 in the staircase Gritty’s 2 R
Lobby 13 Harpoon 5 O
Building 1 Ipswich 7 H
Building 46, outside by the dumpster Magic Hat 6 H
Building 5 Ship Museum Paper City 3 P
Building 10 library Pilsner Urquell 7 R
Building 4, Ellen Swallow Richards lobby Rock Art 1 R
Building 2 in front of Chem Office Sam Adams 2 A
Building 36 elevators Saranac 7 C
Building 6 by window to the New Building Stone Cat 3 O
Building 32 (Stata Center) Z Street 2 S

Ordering by location yields the clue HARPOON OR GROLSCH. These beers are both lagers, so the answer is LAGER.