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Muppet Theater

by Matt Zinno

Each character uses speech balloons with different border and text colors. Matching the text color of one to the border of another provides a cyclic ordering of the characters:

Character outline letters # frames
Elmo purple black 1
Abby Cadabby black pink 1
Cookie Monster pink brown 1
Hoots the Owl brown dk blue 1
Super Grover dk blue lt green 3
Ernie lt green aqua 4
Count von Count aqua lt blue 1
Snuffleupagus lt blue grey 2
Bert grey green 4
Oscar the Grouch green red 7
Twiddlebug red yellow 2
Zoe yellow lt brown 2
Rubber Duckie lt brown orange 1
Big Bird orange purple 7

Using the number of frames each character appears in as an index into their name (as given above), this spells out EACH PIC NTH WORD. In each picture, you then take the Nth word spoken, where N is the number of characters in each picture. And this spells out A-HE-AD-OF-ON-E'S-TIME-IS-THE-ANSWER. Thus, AHEAD OF ONE'S TIME is the answer.