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Little Rascals

Tyler Hinman

As clued by "laugh-out-loud" and "cheeseburger", each quote is a caption from a lolcat picture from icanhascheezburger.com. The captions each have an extra letter. After arranging the quotes from newest (closest to the front page) to oldest, the extra letters spell the answer: MENAGERIES.

The reconstructed captions, with extra letters indicated (capitalization is ignored, since it scarcely matters with lolcats anyway):

do u seez it? iz mai din(a)nah in heer?
thermomiter cat takes doggiez te(e)mperaturez
i has a kar(i)ut. iz not so gret. wuld rethr has cheezburger.
mo(g)derator kitteh disapproves ur submishinz.
literecy c(s)at is amaized at ur perfick grahmar
i'm in yur dirteh clo(r)ze baskit watchin u change
iz tired(e) frum lilkken all dem dishes kleen!
der iz a speshul ring of hell re(n)servd just for u
tryd to go b(e)razilyun...razr slipd.
i'z in u(m)r pokkitz bein tiniez