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Endgame Crisscross

by Trip Payne

This crisscross is to be filled with all of the answers to the puzzles in the Little Black Book, except for three.  Those three missing entries were the answers to puzzles for three of the seven murder suspects. 

The grid fits precisely over the campus map provided in the Little Black Book.  Each entry in the crisscross can thus be associated with the places on campus that it crosses.

Therefore, those three suspects' alibis were false, as they were not where they claimed in their dossier statements.  They therefore had the opportunity; the one of them that can also be shown via the logic problem to have the means as well must be the killer.

In addition, this crisscross reveals the starting point of the final runaround.  During a phone conversation, the killer reveals that the solvers should have "crossed paths" with K. Edison and Harry Widmark-Hurley; those people's answer words intersect in the crisscross, and when you compare it to the map, it indicates building 26; the cover letter from Otto Awkward narrows down the precise starting location more precisely.