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Alan Caster Script

Alan Caster visits headquarters.

“We’ve got to work together. The police suspect me of killing Dr. Awkward and they think you guys were my accomplices.

If Dossier 3 Meta is unsolved: “They suspect me because I couldn’t count on Dr. A.”

“I think it’s [missing dossier] because of [motive]. You know it wasn’t me. The killer would have had to have motive, means, and opportunity. We all had motive, sure, so you don’t have to worry about that. But I didn’t have the means—Otto was killed with the knife which was going to be a prop in the first round of this year’s Mystery Hunt. I didn’t write one of these three puzzles, and only these puzzle writers could have had access to the knife.” Gives logic and three ostensible first round puzzles.

“And I didn’t have opportunity, because I have an alibi and I can prove it.” [Writes MATTHAU in grid.] “I was right here in the basement of Bexley Hall, as I said before. I think you’ll find there are three people whose alibis don’t check out at all.”

“Whoever wrote one of those puzzles and whose alibi doesn’t check out must have killed Dr. Awkward.”

“I’m on the run from the law, so you don’t mind if I hide out here for a while. Let me know if you have any questions—we’re all here to help each other. And you should contact the killer when you know who it is, to confront him with your evidence.”

John Alafontaine:

“Sure, I did it, but you’ll never prove it and you’ll never find anything linking me to the murder. The police are closing in on you guys, and all because you decided to spend the weekend looking for a coin. If you wanted to find a coin so badly, you should crossed paths with Harry Widmark-Hurley and Kay Edison. They’re the ones who pointed out where Dr. A should hide the coin.”