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Elmo's First Wife

Scott Purdy

The dropquote solves to a list of U.S. Representatives (clued by “divided by more than just an aisle”):

Earl Blumenauer
Tom Tancredo
Barney Frank
James Oberstar
Robert Aderholt
Paul Hodes
Roy Blunt
Jesse Jackson Jr.
Virginia Brown-Waite
Nancy Pelosi

As suggested by the structure of the puzzle’s title, the important piece of information is how these individuals would be referred to as representing “State’s Nth District”. In particular, they represent:

Oregon’s 3rd E
Colorado’s 6th A
Massachusetts’ 4th S
Minnesota’s 8th T
Alabama’s 4th B
New Hampshire’s 2nd E
Missouri’s 7th R
Illinois’ 2nd L
Florida’s 5th I
California’s 8th N

Indexing into these state names by the district number gives the answer, EAST BERLIN, one side of another location divided by more than just an aisle.