by Tony Delgado


The clue answers can be paired with the first names of the body doubles to form names from the original fifteen series of Garbage Pail Kid cards released in the U.S. Every GPK card has a double, another card using the same artwork with a different name. Below are the matched-up answers, their doubles, and their number in the GPK series (some cards have more than the one number listed, but always the same alternate identity).

Sickening Scene Body Double Garbage Pail Kid Card GPK Double
Bloody (Spike's epithet) Mary J. Blige Bloody Mary 298 Donna Donor
Nasty (Janet Jackson single) Nick Lachey Nasty Nick 001 Evil Eddie
Scary (Like a Wayans Brothers "Movie") Carrie Fisher Scary Carrie 025 Creepy Carol
Martian (Language containing the word "grok") Marcia Cross Martian Marcia 283 Alien Alan
Can't (Isn't able to) Clark Gable Clark Can't 172 Nat Nerd
Croakin' (Singin' like Kermit) Colin Firth Croakin' Colin 109 Toady Terry
Angry (Like Ellison's candy) Annie Liebowitz Angry Annie 489 Irate Ira
Mad (Comparable to a March hare or a wet hen) Donna D'Errico Mad Donna 050 Nutty Nicole
Muggin' (Takin' wallets at gunpoint) Megan Mulally Muggin' Megan 042 Patty Putty
Distortin' (Warpin') Morton Downey, Jr. Distortin' Morton 157 Larry Lips
Mauled (Horribly maimed, as by a wild animal) Paul Revere Mauled Paul 015 Ailin' Al
Knittin' (Furrowin', as a brow) Brittany Murphy Knittin' Brittany 327 Needled Nina
Bark (Checkers' sound) Mark McGwire Mark Bark 074 Kennel Kenny
Sewer (Where alligators supposedly live) Sue Johanson Sewer Sue 079 Michelle Muck
Splat (Sound of flattening an insect) Jack Abramoff Jack Splat 439 Abstract Art
Phoney (Cousin of Fone and Smiley) Joni Mitchell Phoney Joni 448 Touch Toni
Berserk (Mode induced by idbeholds) Kirk Cameron Berserk Kirk 116 Eerie Eric
Garbage Pail (Bucket of trash: 2 wds.) Kitty Carlisle Garbage Pail Kitty 480 Robby Rubbish
Smokestack (Tallest structure in Kennecott, Utah) Zach Braff Smokestack Zach 477 Ingrid Inc.
Busted (Raided for drugs, perhaps) Bob Dole Busted Bob 006 Art Apart
Meltin' (Liquefyin) Milton Berle Meltin' Milton 177 Lazy Louie

The GPK doubles all have alliterative names. The initial letters from these names spell out DECANTINPLANKMATERIAL. "Decantin'" is a clue for "Pourin'" and "Plank Material" is a clue for "Wood." Those two answers pair up uniquely in the GPK list to " Pourin' Lauren" and "Holly Wood." This clues actress LAUREN HOLLY.