by Jonathan Sheffi and Ken Stern


The questions in the transcript refer to specific line items in the income statement. For each question's answer by the CEO, determine the line item and index X letters (where X is the number after the decimal point) into the Yth word (where Y is the number before the decimal point). Doing so gets four letters for each year, spelling MAKE A RESTATEMENT.

Revenues$22.6 (M)$21.5 (A)$20.5 (T)$19.3 (M)
Labor$2.2 (A)$1.8 (R)$1.5 (A)$1.2 (E)
Marketing$3.4 (K)$2.8 (E)$2.5 (T)$2.4 (N)
Operating Expenses$6.3 (E)$5.6 (S)$4.7 (E)$4.2 (T)

Going to the website specified in the transcript reveals a note which tells the solver to log into a different directory with the username lspokket, and a THREEWORDPASSWORD, which is MAKEARESTATEMENT (in capitals with no spaces, like THREEWORDPASSWORD).

Entering this username and password gets you the "breaking news" that requires you to make a restatement on all the numbers. After applying the bad news to each of the line items, using the same process as before spells SAME-SEX MARRIAGES.

Revenues (-20%) $18.1 (S)$17.2 (S)$16.4 (A)$15.4 (A)
Labor (tripled) $6.6 (A)$5.4 (E)$4.5 (R)$3.6 (G)
Marketing (+10% of actual revenue) $5.2 (M)$4.5 (X)$4.1 (R)$3.9 (E)
Operating Expenses (+$2.5/year) $8.8 (E)$8.1 (M)$7.2 (I)$6.7 (S)