by Mike Selinker, Greg Lohman, Dan Katz, Jonathan Sheffi, and Jenn Braun

Solution: HOTEL AT MIT

The hunt for the rebels' tea begins at a restaurant hinted by the man who played Ferrari in Casablanca. That's Sydney Greenstreet, and at the corner of Sidney Street and Green Street in Cambridge is the Hotel@MIT, where you'll find Sidney's Grille.

At Sidney's, players receive a handout which shows the letter "T" in the logos of eight food establishments shown on the map. Finding these places on Massachusetts Avenue and Main Street produces eight series of digits from the locations. The digits are a span of four consecutive numbers (e.g., 0553-0556) between 0001 and 7500. These indicate positions in the table of 7500 digits of pi given on the handout. Finding those positions gives eight four-digit numbers.

Tavern on the Square (730 Mass Ave)0553-05569437WHER
Royal East (792 Main St.)0086-00893482EITA
Toscanini's (899 Main St.)4016-40195578LLST
Central Kitchen (567 Mass Ave)5529-55322783ARTE
Salts (798 Main St.)3805-38083773DSPE
Harvest Cooperative Supermarket (581 Mass Ave)6466-64695527LLAS
Pu Pu Hot Pot (907 Main St.)3194-31979626YMBO
Thailand Café (302 Mass Ave)1751-17545688LOUT

On a telephone keypad (suggested by the phrase "try phoning a friend"), you can spell out the instruction WHERE IT ALL STARTED SPELL A SYMBOL OUT. It all started at, with a spelled-out symbol, the HOTEL AT MIT.