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What was "Rosebud"?

Who killed Mr. Boddy, the way it really happened?

Who shot J.R.?

Who stole Horace the Elephant's birthday feast?

Who was the Half-Blood Prince?

Who was behind the Hound of the Baskervilles?

Who murdered Roger Ackroyd?

Who committed the Murder on the Orient Express?

Where was the purloined letter?

Who was the real Inspector Hound?

Did Lars Thorwald kill his wife?

Who tipped the cops off to Joe Cabot's jewel heist?

Where was the Second Foundation?

Who shot Mr. Burns?

What is Soylent Green made out of?

Who killed Prince Franz Drago of Bohemia?

Who won the 25th annual Putnam County spelling bee?

Who is Keyser Soze?

Who killed The Comedian?

Who was the answer to the clues given to Samuel Westing's heirs?

Who framed Roger Rabbit?