Grace Kenney


players determine what book each of the snippets refers to. none of these books actually exist; they are instead referred to in other books that do exist. the last name of the actual author is obtained. the red number on the snippets gives which letter to take from each author's name. the letters spell KILLED ROCKY, which is a rocky horror reference, from which we get the answer, RIFFRAFF

The books are [in order]:

LetterNumberFictional BookAuthorTitle
K4"The red book" bilbo baggins, frodo, sam, et al Tolkien[particularly the ROTK appendices]
I4"The secret goldfish" - d.b. caulfield SalingerCatcher in the Rye
L3"The light at the end of the tunnel" - maurice mandrake WillisPassage
L5"The horn of joy" - matthew maddox L'engleA Swiftly Tilting Planet
E5"The book of bokonnon" - bokonnon VonnegutCat's Cradle
D2"Well, that about wraps it up for god" - oolon colluphid AdamsHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
R3"The unstrung harp" - c.f. earbrass GoreyUnstrung Harp
O1"Theory and practice of oligarchical collectivism" - Emanuel Goldstein Orwell1984
C5"The necronomicon" - abdul alhazred LovecraftThe Hound, originally
K4"Memorial" - Richard Babley DickensDavid Copperfield
Y2"Plays of Ford, Webster, Torneur, and Wharfinger" - Dr. Emory Bortz PynchonThe Crying of Lot 49


FORTSAS, the name of the crook in the intro, is a clue. run a google search for it - there was a famous prank pulled on bibliophiles where a fake count named fortsas made a list of books that didn't exist and claimed he was going to auction them off. people believed they did exist and showed up to the auction, to be laughed at. This gives us a clue - the snippets all refer to books that don't exist.

A few of them are google-able. most aren't because they're blurbs I made up. Blah. If people haven't read much recently, well, they lose. This is why the puzzle will either be very hard or very easy, depending.