Campfire Stories

Tony Leier


1. It's just words with the middles cut out.
1a. The sentences are grammatical and proper names are capitalized
2. Each line describes something thematically related. Look at the title...
2a. ... It's monsters - from a wide variety of mythologies, though not too obscure.
3. The letters in parentheses at the end are numbers
3a. ... to index into the answers.
3b. ... capitalized numbers clue capitalized letters in the final answer clue.
4. Take the indexed letters and solve them like the rest of the clues.
5. However, the answer does not match the theme.


The answers are:

After getting the monsters, take the Nth letter to get the phrase Va ln of Ce of Wm ad My

Which isn't monster related, but clues a word with (using the same missing middles thing) "Virginia location of College of William and Mary."