The Dirty Kid

Jaci Conrad


Each clue leads to a word from a particular nursery rhyme (all found online). There are five words for each rhyme -- two rhyming pairs, and a fifth word. Find the word that rhymes with each unrhymed word.

("Little Bo Peep")

⇒ rhyme for SHEEP is PEEP

("One Stormy Night")

⇒ rhyme for FIGHT is NIGHT

("Lullaby, Lully")

⇒ rhyme for SLEEP is KEEP

("Who Killed Cock Robin?")

⇒ rhyme for LARK is DARK.

("An Alphabet of Names")

⇒ rhyme for KITE is LIGHT

The five words LIGHT, NIGHT, KEEP, PEEP, and DARK all appear in "The Little Star" (a longer version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"), so, doing the happy-recursive thing, finding the rhyming word for DARK gives the answer, SPARK.

(NB: "Dirty Kid" clues, extremely obliquely, "Uncouth Youth".)

Answer: SPARK