Locked In
unknown substances

DOSE : T+ 0:00 oral water (liquid)
T + 1165s 1 hit buccal ??? (tablet)
T + 2379s 3 hits sublingual ??? (sheet)
T + 2503s 2 hits transdermal ??? (powder)
T + 4452s 5 hit IV ??? (liquid)
T + 4463s 4 hits inhaled ??? (gas)
T + 7085s 8 hits rectal ??? (pill)
T + 10833s 2 hits smoked ??? (plant material)
T + 15999s 2 hits insufflated ??? (crystals)

BODY WEIGHT : 420 lb

Started off with a sip of water. Put "Purple Haze" on the record player to try and relax... I love this album.

Almost twenty minutes later: took a hit. I hope this stuff is good... it all came from the bag of some "doctor" with a serious drug collection.

Several more hits. I've heard mixed reviews of this stuff, but I should pay more attention to who's saying what.

Several hours later: Whoa, this stuff is pretty strong. I know it's getting risky, but my tendency is to push it as far as I can.

Postscript: Blacked out. Oops. Guess I didn't need all that for the trip.

Exp Year: 1971
Added: Nov 11, 1971