Princess Of South Africa

Brandy Evans


Each of the phrases clues the name of a Barbie doll (Barbie is clued in the flavortext by "pink," "curvy figure," "grin that looks decidedly fixed," plus the title of the puzzle is the name of a Barbie):

Chinese Empress
Princess Bride
Stylin' Pup
Sun Sensation
Pretty in Plaid
McDonald's Fun Time
Barbie Loves Elvis giftset
Bohemian Glamour
Chair Flair
Generation Girl
Between Takes
Perfume Pretty
Winter Fantasy
Venetian Opulence
Cinnabar Sensation
Brunette Brilliance
Hollywood Premiere
Reading diagonally gives you CRYSTAL NINETY NINE. In 1999, there was a Crystal Jubilee Barbie - the answer is JUBILEE.