Far From Home

Galen Pickard


It should be clear that this has something to do with fonts

The seven fonts used are as follows:

The next step is to look at the text itself. While most of it is faux Latin (all the words are real, but there's no grammar to speak of), each paragraph contains a word or phrase in Italian. The two which are the easiest to spot are "giu", as it has an accent, and "serie completa di caratteri", as it just doesn't sound Latin. Once you realize what's going on, babelfish can give you the rest without too much difficulty.

The words are, in order:

This is a direct babelfish translation of: You do a Vignere cipher on each block of text, using the font name as the key, and you get gibberish. You take the first letter of each line, though, and it reads:
morede adlyo neworda djec tiveei ghtle tters
more deadly one word adjective eight letters
So the answer is DEADLIER