Best Mate

Charlene St. Pierre


General method: Clues are for words which happen to be character names of some dogs in movies and TV shows. The first nmber given is the number of the letter to extract from each answer word. The second number given is the number of letters in that dog's REAL name.

Clue#/#Role (show)Real nameLetter
bootleg liquor slang1/7Hooch (Turner & Hooch)BeasleyB
mousy Gonzales3/4Speedy (The Drew Carey show)AjaxA
Goldman's 1992 Year3/5Comet (Full House)CometM
le mousquetaire vain1/6Porthos (Enterprise)BreezyB
chopped up RHPS boyfriend2/5Eddie (Frasier)MooseO
Shakin' Lewis5/5Jerry Lee (K-9)RandoO
grade B mutant ants4/6Them (Addams Family)MayhemH
a young Scottish boy, diminutive2/3Laddie (Son of Lassie)PalA
famous diary writer Anne2/5Frank (Men In Black)FrankR
spotted planet1/7Jupiter (The Patriot)VanillaV
mineral slang for diamonds7/8Rocks (Look Who's Talking Now)ScrapperE
Swanky Teena1/5Brandon (Punky Brewster)SandyS
a car's igniting electrode1/3Spark Plug (The Royal Tenembaums)TazT
a shout of victory often heard in halls4/5Bingo (Bingo)LaceyE
Oldman's famed '94 role2/4Beethoven (Beethoven)KrisR
the real Boston Market2/5Quincy (Coach)IsaacS
Dino's daddy1/7Fred (I Love Lucy)FremontF
potentially lucky thankgiving leftovers2/6Wishbone (Wishbone)SoccerO
Caddyshack chain brothers3/4Murray (Mad About You)MauiU
BtVS girl's directorial debut7/7Chance (Homeward Bound)RattlerR
panini creator of the same name1/6Nunzio (Dharma & Greg)TwiggyT
79th district rep Jackson2/4Verdell (As Good As It Gets)JillI
Fauvism leader1/4Matisse (Down And Out in Beverly Hills)MikeM
Matthau and Serious shared role4/5Einstein (Back to the Future)TigerE
speedy Gaelic1/4Luath (Incredible Journey)RinkR
romanticized saint4/4Valentine (The Cell)BeauU
Romero does Kafka4/6Bruiser (Legally Blond)MoonieN

You are supposed to take the Nth letter to spell out BAMBOO HARVESTERS FOUR TIME RUN. Bamboo Harvester was Mr. Ed's real name. He was a horse,of course, so a horse's four-time run is called a GALLOP, the answer.

Answer: GALLOP