Sam Kendig, Stephanie Dalquist


Each of the items on the list is a call number to a book in the MIT Libraries. The title or subject of each book hints at a single character.

NKF27.5.C65(Taking the Stand: The Testimony of Lt Col Oliver L North, O.L. North, - N = North)
APS1868.A1(The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne - The scarlet letter is "A")
1TI71.M42g.C5(Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT, Journal - course 1!)
0PS3553.A413.F1(False entry, Hortense Calisher - False/true 0/1)
5UA26.A475.S55(Assignment Pentagon: The Insider's Guide to the Potomac Puzzle Palace, Perry M. Smith - duh)
3PA3287.A7.L6(The Oresteia of Aeschylus, Robert Lowell, trans. - Three Furies)
.PA328PE1450.P47(Period Styles: A History of Punctuation, Cooper Union - duh)
AHX844.G615(Nowhere from Home: Letters from Exile of Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman - exiled for anarchism - A symbol for anarchy)
7Z1237.L93(Struggle for Empire: a bibliography of the French and Indian War, J. G. Lydon - FIW = 7 Year War - 1755-1763)
3TK9023.F67(Meltdown, D. F. Ford - the book is entirely about 3 Mile Island incident)
.TK902HF5548.32.N48(The Dot-Com Debacle and the Return to Reason, L.E.V. Nevaer - duh)
SHD9585.S82.S53(World sulphur survey, W.F. Sheldrick - Sulphur, S)
7BS1233.A78(Genesis: Translation and Commentary, Robert Alter - 7 days of creation)
5PR2754.B4(The Complete Works of Shakespeare, David Bevington, ed. - iambic pentameter)

This string of characters, taken in order, is the call number for another book, "Stimuli: Architecture, communication, publicité". The answer is STIMULI.