Having Fun

Anand Sarwate


The snippets are all from the heads (melodies) of jazz standards. In order, they are, with performers:

  1. Better Get it in Yo' Soul (Mingus)
  2. Up Jumped Spring (Hubbard)
  3. Desafinado (Gilberto/Getz)
  4. Pent-Up House (Rollins)
  5. Oleo (Rollins)
  6. Watermelon Man (Hancock)
  7. Evidence (Monk)
  8. Lonely Woman (Coleman)
  9. Lady Bird (Dameron)
  10. Lester Leaps In (Young)
  11. All Blues (Davis)
  12. Take Five (Brubeck)
  13. I'm Old Fashioned (Coltrane)
  14. (A) Night in Tunesia (Gillespie et. al.)
  15. So What (Davis)
  16. Trinkle, Tinkle (Monk)
  17. All the things you are (Tristano)
  18. Naima (Coltrane)
  19. Django (Modern Jazz Quartet)
  20. Anthropology (Parker)
  21. 'Round Midnight (Monk)
  22. Dolphin Dance (Hancock)
Reading down the first letter (lame, I know) you get BUD POWELL LATIN STANDARD. This is a clue for the Powell tune TEMPUS FUGIT, which is not Latin jazz, just to be a little misleading. Also, time flies when you are having fun.