T Puzzle: Whoa--I Know Dating!

by Marc Moskowitz

The dates, when converted into Unix timestamps and divided by ten to the power of the associated number, are scientific and mathematical constants. When there is a range, it is the range of possible values for the constant.

ConstantNo formattingUNIX dateName
hh662606824 - 662606928Planck constant
uu166053760 - 166053786unified mass unit
NAN sub A602213310 - 602214030Avogadro's Number
TT273160000Triple point of water
ÅA ring1000000000Angstrom unit
n0n sub 0268674000 - 268678600Loschmidt constant
σesigma sub e665245839 - 665245869Thompson cross section
WW737750750 - 737750757Whittaker's constant
ee271828183Euler's constant
RR831444000 - 831458000gas constant
λclambda sub c242631020 - 242631023Compton wavelength
a0a sub 0529177206 - 529177210Bohr radius
σsigma567032000 - 567070000black body constant
tpt sub p539022000 - 539090000Planck time
Y00Y super 0 sub 0282094792Spherical Function 0,0
ee160217684 - 160217782electron charge
αalpha729735275 - 729735341fine structure constant
RR sub infinity109737315Rydberg constant

Reading down the primary letter of the symbols gives "huNTÅnσWeRλaσtYeαR" or, somewhat more legibly, HUNT ANSWER LAST YEAR.