Here on my personal website you'll find information about my previous and on-going research, a CV, my contact information, and other miscellaneous information. Please enjoy!


About Me

I completed my Ph.D. work at Harvard University in 2014 with Lars Hernquist studying galaxy formation. I am now a joint postdoctoral fellow at MIT and Caltech working with Mark Vogelsberger and Phil Hopkins on AGN/Quasar feedback. For more detailed bio information, including a description of my past and current research and an updated CV, please see my "Research" page.

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Talks and Papers

For those of you interested in my research, a list of papers that I've (co-)authored and a number of talks that I've given can be found under the Talks and Papers page.

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I've created a number of visualizations from simulations that I've run over the past several years. These visualizations are both useful for gaining insight into simulation evolution, and for conveying our results to the public. An incomplete compilation of visualizations I've made, as well as some made by my collaborators, can be found on the "Media" page.

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