Atul Pokharel

As of August 1, 2014 I've moved to the Watson Institute at Brown.

office: 9-549 
hours: R 11:30-1:30, and by appointment
email: last_name at mit 
phone: (617) 715-2676 

I am a final year PhD student at DUSP in the International Development Group (IDG).
In Spring 2014, I am teaching 1.284/11.481/ESD.192 Analyzing Regional Economic Change with Prof. Karen Polenske. You can find the course website here.

Previous Classes

These are some classes for which I have been a teaching assistant or more. (The grades I received from the students are in parentheses.) You can find the full evaluations here if you search for my last name. You can find the course websites on Stellar. Gateway Fall 2010 is on ocw. In 2011, I was nominated by DUSP as its candidate for MIT's Goodwin Teaching Medal. (I did not win, but was thankful for the recognition.)

My Research

My dissertation explains why some institutions seemingly learn, adapt and evolve while others decline and disappear. I draw my cases from a famous set of institutions in Nepal.
Earlier, while learning the ropes of planning research, I studied the process of how New Delhi had converted its transportation network to use Natural Gas (CNG).

About Me

I am finishing up my dissertation on Institutional Change under Professors Bish Sanyal (Chair, DUSP), Amartya Sen (Harvard) and Richard Locke (Brown). It falls in the general areas of Political Economy and Urban and Regional Planning. I took my general exams in the Summer of 2010 on International Economic Development (1st Field), and Law and Development (2nd field) under Professors Judith Tendler, Balakrishnan Rajagopal and Bish Sanyal (chair).

Before arriving at DUSP, I received my undergraduate degree at Princeton University in Mathematics and learned a little bit about Number Theory and Random Matrices. I also received a certificate in Applied and Computational Mathematics.
In my free time, I like to teach Nepali to children.


While at MIT, I've received generous support from the following sources (in no particular order):

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