Or Ordentlich


Or Ordentlich
Postdoctoral Associate
Laboartoty for Information & Decision Systems, MIT
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, BU

32-D569 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave,
Cambridge, MA 02139

email: ordent at mit dot edu

About Me

I hold a joint postdoctoral position at LIDS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, hosted by Professor Yury Polyanskiy and at ECE, Boston University, hosted by Professor Bobak Nazer.
Before this, I was a student in the school of electrical engineering at Tel Aviv University, where I completed my BSc degree and the MSc and PhD degrees under the supervision of Professor Uri Erez.
My main field of research is information theory and its intersections with signal processing and communication theory. In my MSc and PhD theses, I have focused on the role that structured codes play in wireless communication, from both theoretic and practical aspects. I have also worked on the development and analysis of low-complexity lossy compression schemes for sources that are correlated in time or in space. I am very interested in bounds and estimates on fundamental information theoretic measures, when the underlying distributions are too complex to admit straightforward calculation. My interests further include problems in coding theory and zero-error communication.
I will be joining the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the fall of 2017.