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PhD Theses: 1990s

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  • Caulkins, Jonathan P., The Distribution and Consumption of Illicit Drugs: Some Mathematical Models and Their Policy Implications, June 1990. 
  • Goemans, Michel X., Analysis of Linear Programming Relaxations for a Class Connectivity Problems, September 1990. 
  • Nakazato, Daisuke, Transient Distributional Results in Queues with Applications to Queueing Networks, September 1990. 
  • Tan, Kok-Choon, Newton's Method for Parametric Center Problems, June 1990. 
  • Zhang, Hongtao, Cyclic Scheduling in a Stochastic Environment, June 1990.  


  • Abe, Makoto, A Marketing Mix Model Developed From Single Source Data: A Semiparametric Approach, September 1991.   
  • Bai, Sherman X., Scheduling Manufacturing Systems with Work-in-Process Inventory Control, September 1991. 
  • Ballman, Karla V., Cost-Effectiveness of Smart Traffic Signals, June 1991. 
  • Gau, Shiow-Hwa, Server Management in Queueing System, February 1991. 
  • Ou, Jihong, Dynamic Scheduling of Queueing Networks, September 1991.   
  • Richetta, Octavio, Ground Holding Strategies for Air Traffic Control Under Uncertainty, June 1991.   
  • Talluri, Kalyan T., Issues in the Design and Analysis of Survivable Networks, September 1991.  
  • Van Ryzin, Garrett, Stochastic and Dynamic Vehicle Routing in Euclidean Service Regions, June 1991.   
  • Venkatakrishnan, C.S., Analysis and Optimization of Terminal Area Air Traffic Control Operations, February 1991. 


  • Athaide, Christopher, Capacity Allocation and Safety Stocks in Manufacturing Systems, February 1992.  
  • Chevalier, Philippe, Two Topics in Multistage Manufacturing Systems, June 1992. 
  • Gopalan, Ramasubramanian, Exploiting Process Flexibility in Metal Forming Operations, September 1992.  
  • Hall, Susan A., New Directions in Queue Inference for Management Implementation, June 1992. 
  • Kodialam, Muralidharan, The O-D Shortest Path Problem and Connectivity Problems on Periodic Graphs, February 1992. 
  • Pappu, Suguna, Production Planning with Due-Date Constraints, June 1992.  
  • Polychronopoulos, George, Stochastic and Dynamic Shortest Distance Problems, June 1992.  
  • Veatch, Michael H., Queueing Control Problems for Production/Inventory Systems, September 1992.  
  • Vranas, Peter B., The Multi-Airport Ground-Holding Problem in Air Traffic Control, June 1992. 


  • Mondschein, Susana V., Optimal Sales Strategies in Stochastic, Dynamic Environments, June 1993.  
  • Srivatsan, Narayanan, Synthesis of Optimal Policies for Stochastic Manufacturing Systems, September 1993. 


  • Huang, Yen-Chin, Empirical Distribution Function Statistics, Speed of Convergence, and p-Variation, June 1994. 
  • Ingolfsson, Armann, Earthquake Forecasts: The Life-Saving Potential of Last-Minute Warnings, September 1994.  
  • Klaassen, Pieter , Stochastic Programming Models for Interest-Rate Risk Management," June 1994. 
  • Ramakrishnan, V.S., On Cuts and Clutters, September 1994.  
  • Staats, Richard C.,  Integration of Predictive Routing Information with Dynamic Traffic Signal Control, September 1994.  


  • Burman, Mitchell H., New Results in Flow Line Analysis, June 1995.  
  • Chi, Zhihang, Airline Yield Management in a Dynamic Network Environment, February 1995. 
  • Luo, Xiao-Dong, Continuous Linear Programming: Theory, Algorithms and Applications, September 1995.   
  • Malone, Kerry M., Dynamic Queueing Systems: Behavior and Approximations for Individual Queues and for Networks, June 1995.  
  • Milner, Joseph, Dynamic Slot Allocation with Airline Participation, June 1995. 
  • Mourtzinou, Georgia, An Axiomatic Approach to Queueing Systems, June 1995.  
  • Nino-Mora, Jose, Optimal Resource Allocation in a Dynamic and Stochastic Environment: A Mathematical Programming Approach, June 1995.  
  • Raghavan, S., Formulations and Algorithms for Network Design Problems with Connectivity Requirements, February 1995.  
  • Ricard, Michael J., Optimization of Queueing Networks: An Optimal Control Approach, June 1995.   
  • Rubio, Rodrigo, Dynamic-Stochastic Vehicle Routing and Inventory Problem, September 1995.  
  • Shumsky, Robert A., Dynamic Statistical Models for the Prediction of Aircraft Take-off Times, September 1995.  
  • Theodosopoulos, Theodore V., Stochastic Models for Global Optimization, June 1995.  


  • Aggarwal, Charu C., Faster Algorithms for Some Network Flow Problems, June 1996.  
  • Bonvik, Asbjoern M., Performance Analysis of Manufacturing Systems Under Hybrid Control Policies, June 1996. 
  • Fang, Yue, Volatility Modeling and Estimation of High-Frequency Data with Gaussian Noise, June, 1996.  
  • Markowitz, David M., A Unified Approach to Single Machine Scheduling: Heavy Traffic Analysis of Dynamic Cyclic Policies, June 1996.  
  • Pinker, Edieal J., Models of Flexible Workforce Management in Uncertain Environments, June 1996.   
  • Miller, Michael G., Optimal Allocation of Resources to Clinical Trials, September 1996. 
  • Rimm-Kaufman, Alan P., Risk Mitigation Models for a Japanese Railroad," June 1996.  
  • Teo, Chung-Piaw, Constructing Approximation Algorithms Via Linear Programming Relaxations: Primal Dual and Randomized Rounding Techniques, September 1996.  
  • Zenios, Stefanos A., Health Care Applications of Optimal Control Theory, June 1996.


  • Christodouleas, James, Solution Methods for Multiprocessor Network Scheduling Problems, with Application to Railroad Operations" June 1997. 
  • Nunez Araya, Manuel A., Condition Numbers and Properties of Central Trajectories in Convex Programming, September 1997.   
  • Patterson, Sarah Stock, Dynamic Flow Management Problems in Air Transportation, June 1997. 


  • Chryssikou, Efthalia, Multiperiod Portfolio Optimization in the Presence of Transaction Costs, June 1998.  
  • D'Amato, Rebecca, Management of Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Infection: Modeling When to Change Therapy, June 1998.   
  • Epstein, Rafael, Linear Programming and Capacitated Network Loading, February 1998.  
  • Gamarnik, David, Stability and Performance of Multiclass Queueing Networks, February 1998. 
  • Hauksson, Arni, The Commercialization of University Research Discoveries: Are University Technology Transfer Offices Stimulating the Process? February 1998. 
  • Kniker, Timothy, Itinerary-Based Airline Fleet Assignment, June 1998.
  • Osuna, Edgar, Support Vector Machines: Training and Applications, June 1998.  
  • Ruark, John, Implementing Reusable Solvers: An Object-Oriented Framework for Operations Research Algorithms, June 1998.   
  • Toktay, Latife Beril, Analysis of a Production-Inventory System under a Stationary Demand Process and Forecast Updates, June 1998. 
  • Wang, Yi, Modeling and Solving Single and Multiple Facility Network Restoration Problems, June 1998. 


  • Croxton, Keely L., Modeling and Solving Network Flow Problems with Piecewise Linear Costs, with Applications in Supply Chain Management, September 1999. 
  • Epelman, Marina, Complexity, Condition Numbers and Conic Linear Systems, June 1999.   
  • Hall, William, Efficient Capacity Allocation in a Collaborative Air Transportation System, June 1999.  
  • Nemec, Joseph, Diffusion and Decompostition Approximations of Stochastic Models of Muolticlass Processing Networks, February 1999.  
  • Popescu, Ioana, Application of Optimization in Probability, finance and Revenue Management, June 1999.  
  • Sethuraman, Jayachandran, Scheduling Multiclass Queueing Networks and Job Shops using Fluid and Semidefinite Relaxation, September 1999. 
  • Sokol, Joel, Optimizing Paint Blocking in an Automobile Assembly Line: An Application of Specialized TSP1s, June 1999. 
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