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Byzantine Chant in English

Released January, 1997

Byzantine chant is a vine heavy-laden with the fruits of illumination, deeply rooted in the traditions of biblical liturgical worship, and heeds St. Paul's injunction to "exhort one another with songs, hymns, and spiritual songs" (Eph. 5:19).

This collection of Byzantine hymnography in English may come as a revelation to Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike. To the former, that the traditional tones and hymns can be rendered in the English language without a diminution of form and essence, and to the latter that this tradition of sacred music need not be inaccessible to Western listeners.

This album contains:
  1. Blessed is the Man (excerpt, 388 kbyte AIFF)
  2. O Lord, I have Cried
  3. Rich Men have Turned Poor
  4. God is The Lord
  5. Resurrectional Troparion
  6. Resurrectional Theotokion
  7. The Magnificat of the Most Holy Theotokos
  8. The Praises
  9. Troparion of Saint Thekla
  10. Troparion of the Nativity of Christ
  11. Today the Virgin
  12. Troparion of Theophany
  13. As Many as have been Baptized
  14. Awed by the Beauty
  15. To Thee, the Champion
  16. The Stichera of Pascha
  17. Doxasticon of Pascha
  18. Troparion of Pascha
  19. Kontakion of Pascha
  20. Who Is So Great a God? (excerpt, 655 kbyte AIFF)
  21. First Sticheron of the American Saints
  22. Troparion of All Saints of America (excerpt, 267 kbyte WAV)
  23. O Protection of Christians
  24. In Giving Birth (excerpt, 699 kbyte WAV)
  25. O Virgin Pure

Byzantine chant is music whose context is liturgical celebration. It is not meant to be "performed", but to be prayed. Nor is it meant for mere entertainment; it is meant for worship.

The purpose of Orthodox hymnographers is the same as that of Orthodox theologians: finding words and music "appropriate to God." For the same dictum rules-- the true theologian (or hymnographer) is one who prays.

On the basis of nearly two thousand years of history, experience, and tradition, Byzantine chant continues to illuminate the mysteries of the Gospel of Christ to multitudes of faithful Christians from diverse cultures around the world. This is no less true for America where the Orthodox faith has existed for over two hundred years and is even now growing at a steady and astonishing rate.

The Boston Byzantine Choir wishes to present these treasures of Byzantine music to all "who have ears to hear."

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