Glossary of Terms

These definitions are taken directly from The Society of Mind by Marvin Minsky

Terms from The Society of Mind

The Principle of Non-Compromise (SOM Section 3.2)
The longer an internal conflict persists among an agent's subordinates, the weaker becomes that agent's status among its own competitors. If such internal problems aren't settled soon, other agents will take control and the agents formerly involved will be "dismissed."

B-Brains (SOM Section 6.4)
Any part of the brain connected not to the outside world, but only to another part of the same brain. Like a manager, a B-brain can supervise and A-brain without understanding either how the A-brain works or the problems with which the A-brain is involved -- for example, by recognizing patterns of activity that indicate the A-brain is confused, wasting time in repetitive activity, or focused on an unproductive level of detail

Papert's Principle (SOM Section 10.4)
Some of the most crucial steps in mental growth are based not simply on acquiring new skills, but on acquiring new administrative ways to use what one already knows.

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