Slavov lab | Quantitative Biology
Seeking principles
in the coordination among protein synthesis, metabolism, cell growth and differentiation
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Aerobic Glycolysis

We found that exponential growth at a constant rate can represent not a single metabolic/physiological state but a continuum of changing states and that aerobic glycolysis can reduce the energy demands associated with respiratory metabolism and stress survival.

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Increasing stress sensitivity and aerobic glycolysis during exponential growth

Parallel declines in respiration and in mitochondrial NADPH-producing enzymes

Global remodeling of metabolism during nine doublings at a constant rate

Protein Synthesis

We found that the stoichiometry among core RPs in wild-type yeast cells and ESC depends both on the growth conditions and on the number of ribosomes bound per mRNA

The fitness of cells with a deleted RP-gene is inversely proportional to the enrichment of the corresponding RP in polysomes

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Cell Growth & Division

We found that most genes annotated to the cell division cycle are expressed periodically even in nondividing cells as part of a cell growth cycle

Connecting single-cell gene-expression dynamics to population-average gene-expression

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Statistical Inference

Convex Structured Total Least Squares

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Inference of networks with unobserved variables

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