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2004 NCGA Awards

Annual awards handed out the NCGA Championships on April 3rd, 2004.

Outstanding Senior Award - Carrie Santore - SUNY-Brockport
Coach of the Year - John Feeney - SUNY-Brockport

2004 All-Academic Team

Christina Rischmiller Gustavus Adolphus
Jana Knutson Gustavus Adolphus
Molly McIntyre Gustavus Adolphus
Emily Ament Hamline University
Elena DeQuesada Ithaca College
Leslie Gelatt Ithaca College
Lindsay Troilo Ithaca College
Rachel Edelson Ithaca College
Sue Lawall Ithaca College
Teri Nelson Ithaca College
Cindy Chung MIT
Jenny Romano-Joseph Springfield College
Carrie Santore SUNY-Brockport
Jen Auleta SUNY-Brockport
Jessica Bowman SUNY-Brockport
Susan Long SUNY-Brockport
Jessica Cowden Ursinus College
Shawna Eddy Ursinus College
Kelly Settle UW-Eau Claire
Angela Erato UW-La Crosse
Darlene Benedetti UW-La Crosse
Jenny Struve UW-La Crosse
Kim Klopfer UW-La Crosse
Nancy Petersen UW-La Crosse
Wendy Wiederholt UW-Oshkosh
Ann Kingsnorth UW-Whitewater
Joy Sayre UW-Whitewater
Lisa Mueller UW-Whitewater
Marisa Puente UW-Whitewater

Looking for all NCGA Alumnae and Coaches

Over the years, the NCGA has lost many programs as Division III schools dissolved their gymnastics teams. Salem State, Bryn Mawr, Tarleton State, West Point and UW-Superior are just a few of the schools that have left their mark in the NCGA record books but no longer have a gymnastics program. We would like to try to reconnect with all of those alumnae and coaches. In fact, we would love to get a hold of anyone that was associated with the NCGA over the years in any way. All of us that have been with the NCGA for a number of years know that this is a very special Association and we believe that everyone holds some great memories about their time with the NCGA. Because of that, we would like to throw a big NCGA birthday party when the NCGA turns 20 in 2004. In order to do that, we need everyone's help in locating all members of the NCGA family. Please help us spread the word, and join our NCGA-Newsletter list by e-mailing our webmaster

NCGA 20th Anniversary Reunion

The NCGA ran it's first National Championships in 1984. It is quite unbelievable that we have turned 20 years old. A 20th Anniversary Reunion is planned during the NCGA Championships at MIT on April, 2nd and 3rd, 2004. We would like to invite as many alumnae and past coaches as possible, so we are asking for help in spreading the word. Dig up your old teammate's addresses and get in touch with them. I'm certain that there will be a lot to talk about and remember. You may not believe how far the NCGA has come along in the last 5 years and we would like to give everyone an opportunity to get involved in this Association that we are so proud of. Let's throw a party and get back in touch with those wonderful friends we made in the NCGA. For more details check the reunion page