2003 Nationals Information

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse came roaring back to win the team championship for the third year in a row.  Check out the complete results at the official website University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. Here is a recap of the championships that were held on March 28th and 29th.  

Pictures are here!!

National Champions for the third consecutive year! UW - La Crosse Eagles

Second place - SUNY-Cortland and Third place - Ursinus College

Jennie Williams - Outstanding Senior Award

All-Around Champions

(l-r) Jordan Christiano (Brockport), Brianna Lentz (Oshkosh), Danin Squires (Cortland), Alison Eagles (Eau Claire), Lindsay Marranca (Cortland), Kristen Grimmel (Ursinus), Megan Hollern (Ursinus), Amanda Parker (Gustavus), Tiffany Reber (Stout), Kristina Reitzel (Eau Claire)

Coach of the Year:
Gary Babjack - SUNY-Cortland

Vault All-Americans:
Alyssa Cox - Gustavus Adolphus
Luisa Gutierrez - SUNY-Cortland
Alison Eagles - UW - Eau Claire (tie)
Amanda Parker - Gustavus Adolphus (tie)
Jordan Christiano - SUNY-Brockport
Jessica Bowman - SUNY-Brockport

Uneven Bar All-Americans:
Michelle Saxton - UW-La Crosse
Nina Schubert - UW-La Crosse
Megan Hollern - Ursinus
Lynn Morris - Eau Claire
Jamie Randall - UW-La Crosse
Merritt Tam - MIT

Balance Beam All-Americans:
Danin Squires - SUNY-Cortland (tie)
Lynn Morris - UW-Eau Claire (tie)
Jennie Williams - UW-Oshkosh
Cassie Johnston - UW-Stout
Janelle Domaradzki - SUNY-Cortland
Kristen Grimmel - Ursinus

Floor Exercise All-Americans:
Jordan Christiano - SUNY-Brockport
Amanda Parker - Gustavus Adolphus
Jenny Struve - UW-La Crosse
Leslie Stewart - UW-La Crosse
Krystal Kaminski - Ithaca
Nancy Peterson - UW-La Crosse


Congratulations 2003 Qualifiers!

SUNY-Cortland UW - LaCrosse
Ithaca Gustavus
Ursinus UW - Eau Claire
SUNY-Brockport UW - Oshkosh
All-Around Specialists
Caren Normandin - Rhode Island Tiffany Reber - Stout
Merritt Tam - MIT Kristin Driscoll - Hamline
Vault Specialists
Sarah Massey - Wilson College ** Rhian Paulson - Stout
Jenny Romano-Joseph - Springfield Renae Stinar - Hamline
Uneven Bars Specialists
Ashley Rothenberg - MIT ** Rhian Paulson - Stout
Francesca DeMeo - MIT Cassie Johnston - Stout
Balance Beam Specialists
Holly Desrocher - Springfield Cassie Johnston - Stout
Jolene Woznicki - Springfield Melanie Axvig - Hamline
Floor Exercise Specialists
Cindy Chung - MIT Cassie Johnston - Stout
Ashley O'Blenis - Rhode Island Helen Pansh - Stout
** Alternates that qualified due to an injury to Shannon Hughey of Rhode Island College

The rotations are also set as follows...

Flight A
Starting on Vault - UW - Oshkosh with Merritt Tam (AA) MIT
Starting on Bars - Ursinus College with Caren Normandin (AA) RIC
Starting on Beam - SUNY-Cortland with Sarah Massey (VT) Wilson, Ashley Rothenberg (UB) MIT, Holly Desrocher (BB) Springfield and Cindy Chung (FX) MIT.
Starting on Floor - Ithaca College with Jennifer Romano-Joseph (VT) Springfield, Francesca DeMeo (UB) MIT, Jolene Woznicki (BB) Springfield and Ashley O'Blenis (FX) RIC

Flight B
Starting on Vault - SUNY-Brockport with Rhian Paulson (VT) and Cassie Johnston (UB, BB, FX) - Stout
Starting on Bars - UW - Eau Claire with Tiffany Reber (AA) Stout
Starting on Beam - UW - La Crosse with Renae Stinar (VT) Hamline, Rhian Paulson (UB) Stout, Melanie Axvig (BB) Hamline and Helen Pansh (FX) Stout
Starting on Floor - Gustavus with Kristin Driscoll (AA) Hamline


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