Partners for a brighter future (8/11/03)

The NCGA is proud to announce a partnership with the Mari-Rae Sopper Memorial Gymnastics Fund in an effort to secure, strengthen and promote the future of Division III collegiate gymnastics opportunities for women.

Mari-Rae Sopper was a competitive college gymnast and successful Washington, D.C. lawyer who gave up her profession to follow her dream of coaching gymnastics and attempt to save the program and UC-Santa Barbara which was slated to be eliminated.  She left Washington on American Airlines flight 77 on September 11th, 2001 and left behind a dream and a legacy for all of us to follow.

The partnership between these two non-for-profit organizations will attempt to raise funds and find sponsors for two main purposes.  First, to cover all expenses associated with the annual NCGA Championships and subsequently, to help small Division III colleges start a gymnastics program and therefore grow the number of gymnastics opportunities to allow many wonderful student-athletes to fulfill their dream of competing in college.

The mission of the NCGA and the Mari-Rae Sopper Memorial Gymnastics Fund go hand in hand and we are very proud and thankful to Marion Kminek (Mari-Rae's mother) and Tammy Sopper (Mari-Rae's sister) for their support. 

The first fundraising event to benefit the NCGA has already been planned.  A celebrity golf tournament will take place at the Golf Club of Illinois in Algonquin on September 24th, 2003.  For more information check here.

For information on any and all donations to this wonderful cause please contact Eduardo Ovalle at the NCGA by either phone 781/774-4302 or e-mail: