Martin Singh

Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate, MIT

I place here some useful codes or tools that may be of interest to others in the community.

N-layer radiative equilibrium model

I have been working on creating some interactive atmospheric models for use in a teaching context. This model is a very simplle multi-layer radiative model, which solves for the equilibrium temperature of the surface and a number of atmospheric layers, each with a given long-wave emissivity. You can run the model by clicking the "N-layer model" tab above. The model itself is extremely simple, a few lines of python, with cgi and javascript used for the web interface.

Radiative-convective equilibrium model

In collaboration with Tim Cronin, I have also been developing a web interface for the MIT column climate model maintained by Kerry Emanuel. The model is described in Emanuel and Zivkovic-Rothman, 1999: "Development and Evaluation of a Convection Scheme for Use in Climate Models", Journal of Atmospheric Science, 56, 1766-1782.). You can run it by clicking the "RC model" tab above.

Zero-buoyancy plume model

Code for the "Zero-buoyancy plume model" as used in our recent paper on CAPE in radiative-convective equilibrium. The model is implemented in MATLAB.