Caveats to Running Autopilot

Autopilot, available as perl source is a CGI 1.1 script. This means it will not work with NCSA httpd1.3 right "out of the box", because httpd1.3 is only CGI1.0 compliant. This can be gotten around by making it an nph- script, which involves changing the name of the script to "nph-autopilot" and adding the following line right before the line that prints "Location".

print("HTTP/1.0 200 OK\n");

Autopilot will work fine with NCSA httpd1.4 and any other CGI 1.1 compliant server.

The reason it doesn't work with NCSA httpd1.3 is because the ever important Refresh header is thrown out by the server. Oops.