MK's Java Page

Java is cool.

Beta API Applets and Stuff

A different kind of animation: OverlaySlide (source)
This takes two images (one transparent) and overlays the transparent one on the other. It can produce some nice visual effects.
Solving the Flicker Problem: NoFlickerApplet (source)
This is an extension of the applet class that does offscreen drawing, which eliminates a lot of the flicker problems associated with rapid regular updates. Basically, take any applet Foo and change the declaration "public class Foo extends Applet" to "public class Foo extends NoFlickerApplet" and it just works.
Wobbling Images: WobbleImage (source)
That thing above. Nothing fancy. Uses NoFlickerApplet though.
Growth of the Web
Ooh, interact with a bar graph. I'm not releasing source of this till I clean it up to be more generic (and more useful)

Alpha API Applet I Wrote

Matthew Gray, Mkgray